Restore the Shape of Your Breasts with Breast Reconstruction

At SANDS Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we work closely with women who have lost one or both breasts due to treatment for breast cancer. Resolving the disease, restoring your health, and being cancer-free is paramount.

For many women, reconstructing the breasts is the final step in a full recovery. Thankfully, health insurance is now required to cover this procedure. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Trey Sands, specializes in reconstructive surgeries and is honored to assist breast cancer survivors in this critical facet of a complete and successful recovery.

Whether you’re looking to undergo immediate reconstruction after a mastectomy or planning for surgery later, Dr. Sands can provide personalized care to help you achieve your desired outcome. Located in Metairie and proudly serving the New Orleans area, SANDS Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to meet all your aesthetic needs. If you are being treated for breast cancer and must undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy, planning breast reconstruction before the cancer surgery can allow your cancer surgeon and plastic surgeon to work together, and in many cases, Dr. Sands can reconstruct the breast (or breasts) in the same surgical appointment.

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Why Choose SANDS Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery?

At SANDS Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery, we believe women should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and safe environment where women feel safe, respected, and understood. We listen with empathy and without judgment, and our team will only recommend the best surgical approach based on the situation and health of the patient. Our decade of experience as leaders in the aesthetics industry and plastic surgery speak for itself. We are passionate about creating a more personalized, holistic, and intentional approach to cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Sands is a board-certified surgeon specializing in aesthetic body contouring. Our clients benefit from his attention to detail and expertise.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to recreate the shape of a breast after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. It is an option for women who have lost one or both breasts due to cancer or trauma.

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What is the Goal of Breast Reconstruction?

The goal of breast reconstruction is to improve the appearance of the breast and restore symmetry to the chest area. Several techniques may be used in breast reconstruction, including implant-based reconstruction and flap reconstruction, or a combination of both. The specific method used will depend on factors such as:

  • Medical history
  • Body type
  • Personal preference
  • Ongoing treatment

Our plastic surgeon is focused on the most advanced breast reconstruction procedures, making recommendations that suit the individual woman.

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Tissue Expander - Implant-Based Reconstruction

This technique utilizes the patient’s own skin and expands it over time to cover an implant, creating a natural-looking breast mound. In some cases, a one-stage reconstruction is performed with implants placed in the same surgery as the mastectomy.

Tissue Flap Procedures

These are some of the most common breast reconstruction procedures used today and utilize the patient’s native tissues to create a natural-looking breast that moves along with the patient and decreases and increases in size along with the patient’s weight fluctuations. Tissue flap procedures may be appropriate for women who have experienced some degree of radiation injury to the chest.

Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle (TRAM) Flap

A TRAM flap procedure removes tissue from the lower abdomen. This surgical approach has the dual benefit of creating a breast mound and a tightening effect in the abdomen, where the excess tissue will be harvested for transfer.

Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) Flap

This procedure uses the same lower abdomen tissue as in the TRAM technique but spares the rectus muscle for less weakness in the abdominal wall. This is a more extensive procedure and is performed with an operating microscope.

Superior/Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator (S/IGAP) Flap

A challenging and time-consuming operation, this technique forms a breast mound using skin and tissue harvested from the buttocks.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap

With skin and underlying muscle (from the back), a surgical pocket is created in the chest to support a breast implant without disconnecting the existing blood supply.

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When is Nipple Reconstruction Performed?

Nipple reconstruction is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is typically considered an optional procedure component. It involves recreating the nipple and areola, which can help to enhance the appearance of the reconstructed breast further and create the most natural-looking result. The timing of nipple reconstruction can vary depending on the individual case and the overall treatment plan. Some women may choose to have the nipple reconstructed at the same time as the breast reconstruction surgery, while others may opt to wait until the initial surgery has fully healed before proceeding with nipple reconstruction.

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